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Introduction of Trade Union


A trade union is an independent association or combination of employees that acts as a voice to regulate relations between employees and employers for the purpose of improving good industrial relations, enhance economic and social status of both parties as well as finding solutions to raise productivity for the benefit of those involved.

Trade Union Department Website

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Trade Union Department Function


  1.   To enforce the Trade Unions Act 1959 and the Trade Unions Regulations 1959

  2.   To supervise, direct and control generally all matters relating to trade unions in the country.

  3.   To consider application for registration of trade unions established by either workers or employers.

  4.   To ensure that registered trade unions function in accordance with the trade unions legislation and their respective rules and constitution.

  5.   To advise officers and members of trade unions on administrative, financial and constitutional aspects of trade unions.

  6.   To advise the Minister of Human Resources on matters relating to trade unions legislation and policies in particular and   other labor issues in general.